Asking For It by Louise O’Neill Full Review

Title: Asking For It   Author: Louise O’Neill   Genre: Contemporary Young Adult   Series: n/a   Goodreads Rating: 4/5   Goodreads Link    Synopsis: It’s the beginning of the summer in a small town in Ireland. Emma O’Donovan is eighteen years old, beautiful, happy, confident. One night, there’s a party. Everyone is there. All eyes… Read More Asking For It by Louise O’Neill Full Review

Fempowerathon TBR

Fempowerathon is a readathon during the 19th – 26th March 2017 created by TayliciousReads and NicoleCraswell. Watch the announcement video here. The goal is to read several female-centric books in one week. There are a few tasks/challenges to help you pick books. I thought this was a fantastic idea for a readathon and had to… Read More Fempowerathon TBR