A Rainy Day in July & Envelope Printables

Hello friends, summer has been pretty rainy here this year. We had some great days in May, rain pretty much all of June and a bit of both in July. I'm hoping for some nice sunny days in August. For one of those rainy July days I decided to make a silent vlog filling in … Continue reading A Rainy Day in July & Envelope Printables

A Day in the Life | Breakfast in Bed, Journaling, Manicure | SILENT VLOG

Hi friends, I was feeling cosy (lazy) so I decided to have breakfast in bed with my newly painted lap table and watch Emma. Later I worked on my reading journal, made coleslaw, gave myself a manicure and chilled out for the night with himself. https://youtu.be/_gQa_eBWpNQ Thanks for watching 💜

Stationery Haul & Journaling | Weekly Vlog 8

Weekly Vlog Elaine Howlin Book Blog

This week I celebrated my birthday and got some lovely new supplies for journaling and crafting. https://youtu.be/8DMrmcFPs6Q I am in LOVE with all of the stationery and craft supplies I got. I'm dreaming about all of the projects I can use them in. Have a great weekend everyone 💜