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Harry Potter Reread | Book 1 Chapter 1 | The Boy Who Lived

I have started my Harry Potter chapter by chapter reread with The Boy Who Lived. Here I chat about why Rowling decided to introduce us to the world through The Dursley’s who aren’t even wizards and how she establishes the central aspects of some of the major characters.

Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone Hufflepuff House Edition Reread

Harry Potter Reread & Podcasts

Last year I reread the series with the audiobooks narrated by the wonderful Stephen Fry and invited people I knew in real life to join in. Which they did but it very quickly fizzled out.

Why is it so hard to find readers in real life??!!

So this time I decided to read along with some of the many Harry Potter podcasts that read a chapter a week and post a discussion about the chapter and my thoughts on points raised in the podcasts.

Now I realise this is a pretty long commitment, it will be years by the time I’m finished reading the series this way. But since it’s something I’m so familiar with and have read several times already, I like approaching it in a new way and getting really into it. Dissecting every aspect of the books and discovering things I may never have noticed otherwise.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone illustrated edition Jim Kay J.K. Rowling

As I said before, my last reread was on audio so I’m doing this one with the illustrated editions for as long as I can. I imagine I will be caught up before the order of the Phoenix comes out. The Goblet of Fire is due for release in 2019 so hopefully, I will be able to read that.

Also, I want this reading to be more of an analysis of the books alone and not a comparison with the movies so I will be trying not to mention them as much as possible. This happens in some of the podcasts I’m listening to and it kind of annoys me cause I feel the world’s get jumbled up in my head and I’m not sure what happened where.

The Podcasts

The Real Weird Sisters two sisters rereading the series one chapter each week.

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text which is an analysis of the series as if it were a sacred text. They read a chapter a week as well and discuss it through the lens of various themes such as commitment, loneliness and love. They also evaluate it using a particular practice of scriptural study such as Lectio Divina. This is my favourite podcast, I highly recommend you check it out.

Unspoiled – Harry Potter these guys have several podcasts with someone who is familiar with the subject and someone who is new to it. With their Harry Potter one, they are reading a chapter a week as well. This one has probably got the most entertaining discussions.

Potterless this one is about a guy in his mid-twenties who has never read the books and has only seen some of the movies. He’s reading the series and discussing it with various guests each week.

There are many other Harry Potter podcasts out there, let me know your favourite below.

I will be beginning this series of videos next week and post every Sunday around lunchtime. So make sure you subscribe and hit the notification bell so you never miss a video. I would love it so much if some of you wanted to join in too or just let me know what you think of the chapter in the comments.