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Websites like FictFact

Sadly, FictFact closed its doors a few months ago and it’s left a bit if a hole in how a lot of us track our series. FictFact offered a streamlined and straightforward way to track series that no one else can really live up to. The My Next Book feature was especially handy as well as the Release Calendar. So where do we go now that FictFact is gone?


📝 Goodreads

The most obvious answer is probably Goodreads and they do a great job at tracking but not so much in tracking series. They do have an option to view all books in a series so you know which book is your next read. You could create a shelf in your My Books section for each series you want to track.

📝 LibraryThing

LibraryThing is the next best tracker but again it doesn’t offer a streamlined way to view your series. It’s only really good for tracking your library and keeping lots of details about individual books.

📝 BookLikes

BookLikes is another site you can use to track your reading but it is designed more as a blogging site rather than for tracking. It is possible to track your books and create shelves for them but the main focus of the site to blogging and the social aspects of an online book site.

📝 Google Books

With Google Books you can track what you’ve read, add them to shelves and add reviews. It’s a bit like a watered down version of Goodreads but it’s only good for tracking your books as individuals not as series.

📝 TinyCat

TinyCat is an online library you can create from your LibraryThing account. It doesn’t really offer any real way of tracking your reading. You can use the tags and categories from your LibraryThing account to create collections and an attractive virtual library. I use it mostly as a way to browse my books based on tags when I’m deciding what to read next. You need to create your TinyCat library through your LibraryThing account.

📝 Litsy

Litsy is an app very similar to Instagram but it allows you to tag books in your posts and add a reading status. You can track your reading in terms of Want to Read, Currently Reading and Read with a thumbs down or up rating system. It’s very basic in terms of tracking and is more about sharing visual reading updates.

📝 Apps

If none of the above work for you there are many apps for your phone or tablet that might do what you need. In my experience the ones I’ve used are mostly only good for tracking individual books and not in terms of series.

📝 Spreadsheets

At the moment it seems like there isn’t really a suitable alternative to FictFact. The easiest option may be to create your own spreadsheet but this will probably be time consuming depending on how many series you need to track and you will have to keep an eye out yourself for new releases to add. You could use Excel or Google Sheets to do this but if you’re unfamiliar with how to use spreadsheets you may find it complicated at first. I’m sure there are a few tutorials on YouTube to help you out.


Do you know of another site for tracking books and series?

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Organise Your Library with these 4 Websites

With a book buying addiction and all the different deals out there on various sites and in different formats, I have a messy collection of books. I wanted something to list everything (ebooks, audiobooks, and print) together and be able to tag each item with searchable information.

These websites help to keep ALL of my books satisfyingly organised so I can view them based on genre, author, series, tags, collections, reading status and more.

Organise your Library with these websites Elaine Howlin Literary Blog

Image result for goodreads icon Goodreads

Goodreads is probably the most popular literary social media site. It’s formatted in a slightly similar way to FaceBook in that there is a newsfeed where you see updates and activity from your friends. You can also join groups focusing on many many different topics, share photos and follow authors.

Goodreads My Books Page Elaine Howlin Literary Blog

Goodreads focuses more on the social aspects of reading and sharing books but there are a lot of organisational tools available as well. On the My Books page, you can organise your books into Bookshelves. You start with the basic All, Read, Currently Reading and Want to Read shelves but you can add more by clicking (Edit) next to the title Bookshelves at the top of the list. The shelves you create can be used in a similar way to tags and you can add a book to several shelves. You can also create more exclusive shelves like the Read and Currently Reading shelves at the top. When a book is on one of these shelves it cannot be on another exclusive shelf but can be added to any of the others.

Goodreads Edit Shelves Elaine Howlin Literary Blog

When adding your books you can set the format (paperback, ebook, etc.), ownership, where you purchased it, condition, recommend it to people, and the dates you read it.

Goodreads Shelf Settings Elaine Howlin Literary Blog

Goodreads Reading Activity Elaine Howlin Literary BlogOne of my favourite features is the column settings on the shelves. You can have different settings for each shelf containing whatever information you want such as read count, dates, number of pages, etc.

At the lower part of your My Books page, you can view some limited stats about your reading such as most read authors, how many pages you’ve read this year (reading stats) and if you’ve synced your kindle you can view any notes you’ve made in your books.


Image result for librarything icon LibraryThing

LibraryThing has so many fields for metadata it makes me giddy at all the ways to organise my books. There is functionality for setting the format, condition (including weight!), tags, collections, and notes for your books. It is a must for any collectors. I’m dreaming of cataloguing Folio Society books… that I don’t have

LibraryThing Home Page Elaine Howlin Literary Blog

LibraryThing Stats/Memes Elaine Howlin Literary Blog


I have only skimmed the service of everything you can do with this site but my main love is the Stats/Memes section. Here you can view a tonne of information about your books. Which ones have won what awards, what lists they’re on, how many members read the same books as you, what books you’ve read set in certain places, major events that occur in your books, where the authors are from and so much more!


LibraryThing Stats Elaine Howlin Literary Blog



Image result for fictfact icon FictFact

FictFact is specifically designed to help you track your series. On your profile, you have a list of your series broken into Next Books, Coming Soon, To Be Read, Reading, and Read. Coming Soon lists the next releases in all the series you are following.

FictFact Profile Elaine Howlin Literary Blog

Visiting the My Series page which is listed in the dropdown menu under Profile shows you the full list of series you’re reading, your progress and the next book you need to read.

FictFact Series Traacking Elaine Howlin Literary Blog

Visiting a books page gives you details about that specific book, shows you all the books in the series and where you are in it. You can skip certain books, add information such as tags, ownership, format and a rating.

FictFact Book Page Series Elaine Howlin Literary Blog

I use FictFact to track my progress in a series including any short stories or novellas that have been released.

LibraryCat LibraryCat

I adore this site! LibraryCat uses the information from your LibraryThing account to create a catalogue of your books. It is so beautiful and streamlined I love looking through my books on it.

LibraryCat Elaine Howlin's Library Literary Blog

As with a real library, you can set patrons and mark books as available or checked out. I created a profile for myself and my husband (which he’ll never use) and marked my current read as checked out.

LibraryCat Book View checked out Elaine Howlin Literary Blog

LibraryCat’s format is very simple but gives you a more interesting way to browse your personal library. It’s free to join for personal use.

LibraryCat Contemporary Search Elaine Howlin Literary Blog

Do you use any of these websites to track your books? What’s your favourite function on them?

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