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December Wrap Up

“Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmastime.”
Laura Ingalls Wilder

I had such a wonderful December filled with family, friends and LOTS of delicious food. I’m pretty sad I no longer have an excuse to add the auld drop of Baileys to my coffee but it’s time to get back to normal now anyway.

How was your holiday season?

With all the family fun I got very little reading done and what I did read were mostly audiobooks.

I’m still slowly reading The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje (since November) I’m enjoying it but I hope to finish it up in January.


Voyeur by Fiona Cole ★★★★☆

Contemporary Romance, Erotica

I think 3.5 stars for this one. Voyeur follows Oaklyn and Callum who are college student and teacher. Oaklyn is desperate for a job in order to pay for college and on the advice of a friend gets a job in Voyeur, a club where clients can watch people having sex and/or masturbating. Unbeknownst to Oaklyn, her new teacher Callum is a regular of the club. Callum has some issues that make a normal relationship very difficult and becomes slightly obsessed with Oaklyn… or infatuated if you want to be a bit nicer. I actually really enjoyed this story but it dragged a bit.


I Thee Wed (Vanza #2) by Amanda Quick ★★★★☆

Historical Romance, Mystery

My first Amanda Quick book and I am now a fan. I didn’t realise this would have a mystery in it (suits me perfectly since I’m doing Cloak and Dagger Christmas). I love when historical romances have a mystery in them as well.

This book follows Emma and Edison who are attending an event in a country house. Emma is a lady’s companion at the party when circumstances lead her to being assistant to Edison in his investigations for a book of arcane potions he believes was stolen by one of the guests.

Wicked Widow (Vanza #3) by Amanda Quick ★★★★★

Historical Romance, Mystery

Loved this one! Here we follow Madeline and Artemis  who are being plagued by the apparent ghost of Madeline’s husband. The husband everyone believes she murdered. The ghost wrecks havoc with Artemis’s plans for revenge on the men responsible for the death of his lover so the two team up to discover who the ghost is and what he’s after.

Cocaine Blues (Phryne Fisher #1) by Kerry Greenwood ★★★★☆

Historical, Cosy Mystery

I thought I would enjoy this more since I really like the TV show but there’s something about Phryne in this that annoys me. She’s a little bit of a Mary-Sue… The woman can do anything including dance like a professional, have the perfect body and solve crimes. It was a bit much but still enjoyable. I’ll keep going with the series and see if Phryne calms down a bit.

Murphy’s Law (Molly Murphy Mysteries #1) by Rhys Bowen ★★★★☆

Historical, Cosy Mystery

This was really enjoyable even if it was a bit unrealistic. That’s totally fine for a cosy mystery though. It should be more enjoyable and fun to read than gritty and real.

Here we follow Molly Murphy in 1901 making her way from Ireland to New York. When she arrives she gets entangled in a murder on Ellis Island and must clear her name and the name of her friend. The reason I found it a bit unrealistic is because Molly is very independent and has very trouble running around New York investigating a murder by herself.

I really loved the language in the book. It’s the best Irish dialogue written from a non-Irish person I’ve read.

Death of Riley (Molly Murphy Mysteries #2) by Rhys Bowen ★★★★☆

Historical, Cosy Mystery

I didn’t enjoy this one as much as the first but it was still very good. In this one Molly gets a job working for a private investigator but he ends up murdered and she sets herself the task of finding out who done it

So that was it for December. I was in a tizzy over what book to bring to my parents for Christmas week and in the end I had no time to read anyway!

I’ll hopefully read a bit more in January. What was your favourite read in December?

December Wrap Up

First of all, Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a nice Christmas and if you don’t celebrate it, I hope your December was good. Mine was really lovely. We spent Christmas day with the in-laws and Stephen’s day with my family. So much food was eaten!! New Years was much quieter. We stayed in by the fire and watched The Graham Norton New Years Special and then the New Years show on RTE which actually turned out to be pretty good. I now want a water jetpack or at least a spin on one.

December is always a busy month with very little reading time but I managed five books and knocked two books off my Winter TBR.

Master by Colette Gale ★★★☆☆

This is a dirty book. If you’re not into those then please move along 😉

Gale’s second instalment in her Seducing the Classics series is a naughty retelling of The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. I haven’t read the original mostly because it’s huge and I just don’t want to so I can’t really compare the stories. I have seen the movie though. Master is told from the perspective of Mercedes Herrera, Cristo’s first love who betrays him by marrying one of the men that conspired against him. From reading a previous retelling by Gale I know she has no qualms about changing details to suit the story she’s telling but I don’t know what changes she made here (other than the copious amount of sex the characters have).

It’s a good book but I found it a bit slow and I mostly didn’t like Monte Cristo. But this is Erotica and the point of Erotica is sex and it delivers on that front.

Once Upon A Christmas Eve by Elizabeth Hoyt ★★★☆☆

A Christmas novella set in the world of Hoyt’s Maiden Lane series sees Adam Rutledge, Viscount d’Arque, (aka Scrooge) stranded at the home of Sarah St. John (aka the chick Scrooge wants to bang). Adam hates Christmas, Sarah hates rakes (which Adam is of course) but nothing can stop the passion and love and that ignites between these two underneath the mistletoe.

It was fine… I think a story with just a romance isn’t really enough for me. Hoyt’s full-length novels usually have a very interesting subplot to carry the romance but since this was so short there wasn’t really anything else going on.

City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare ★★★☆☆

The fourth book in Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series brings us back to New York to deal with the repercussions of what happened in the previous book, City of Glass. It’s impossible to talk about this book without spoilers so all I’ll say is that someone has been killing Shadowhunters and making it seem like Downworlders are to blame. Oh the deviousness!!

It was ok… took a long time to get going but it ended well. To be honest I don’t know if I’ll bother with the next one…

Shadow’s Claim by Kresley Cole ★★★★☆

My highest rating for December. Bit of a meh month thank Zod for Kresley Cole, eh?! The eleventh book in Cole’s Immortals After Dark series and the first book in her kind of spin-off series The Dacians. The reclusive vampire race known as the Dacians were introduced in Lothaire but we get a better understanding of them here. Trehan Daciano is hunting down a fugitive in Bettina’s kingdom during a bloody contest for her hand and the crown of her realm. Upon meeting her he discovers she’s his Bride and enters the contest.

It’s classic Kresley Cole if you like any of her other books you should like this.

An Ex for Christmas by Lauren Layne ★★★☆☆

Kelly is told by a psychic that she has already met the love of her life and they will be together by Christmas. This sparks a hunt through her list of ex’s to find this man not realising he’s been standing next to her all along.

If you like contemporary romance, especially ones set during Christmas, then you will probably like this. I’m not a big fan of contemporary romance but it was enjoyable enough. It’s very light-hearted and easy to read.

And that’s it for December and 2017. I’m hoping to read 6 books in January, so far I have one done and I’m halfway through my second. To reach my goal for the year I need to read about 2 books a week so I’m a bit behind already… oh well 😉

Happy reading everybody!

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