Spell the Month in Books | November

I've spotted a few people doing this and thought I'd join in the fun 🙂 I've selected some of my favourite books beginning with each letter in November that I recommend you check out. I tried to pick some books that I really enjoyed but you wouldn't see too often on my blog. In other … Continue reading Spell the Month in Books | November

Halloween Creatures | Book Tag

Halloween Creatures Book Tag

This tag was created by Keep Reading Forward but I found it on Books are 42. Witches: A Book or Character that is Magical Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman. It's been years since I read it but it's a lovely book and one of my favourite movies. They're very different to each other though. Mummies: … Continue reading Halloween Creatures | Book Tag

The Finished Books Tag

Again, I'm not sure who created this tag but I found it on Kristin Kraves Books. If you want to do this tag too then consider yourself tagged 🙂 Do you keep a list of the books you have read? I list my books in my reading journal and on Goodreads. I track every thing … Continue reading The Finished Books Tag

Let’s Get Shameless Tag

https://youtu.be/nqZ3fZwfM9U Hi friends! I don't usually do book tags but they are a great way to pass the time right now. Please consider yourself tagged if you'd like to do this one too 😁 1. Shamelessness Personified: Talk about a book, character, or writer who you feel best embodies what it means to be shameless. … Continue reading Let’s Get Shameless Tag

The End of the Year Tag

It's tag time again and it's time for that tag that always does the rounds in November and December, The End of the Year Tag. It's a great one to wrap up the year and have a think about plans for the new year. If you'd like to do the tag, consider yourself tagged and … Continue reading The End of the Year Tag