So… it’s been a while

Dried Pink Roses on a book Elaine Howlin

Hi everyone! So, it's been a while (a month to be exact) since I posted or really done anything at all on this blog. I have been posting on my YouTube and a little bit on my Instagram but sadly, this blog has suffered. Since lock-down began here in Ireland my husband has been working … Continue reading So… it’s been a while

Book Bloggers are Real Readers – The Irish Times

Blogging Elaine Howlin Book Blogger

Hi everyone, this isn't the usual kind of thing I post but I wanted to share this article from The Irish Times with you all about book blogging and blogging in general really. I know many of the people who read my blog are fellow bloggers so this may be of interest to you. You … Continue reading Book Bloggers are Real Readers – The Irish Times

September Content Planner Calendar Template

Content Planning Calendar Printable Template Elaine Howlin Book Blog

I'm definitely a planner when it comes to my content. One of the things I like to do each month is look up what holidays or events are coming up for ideas, jot them down on a calendar and keep that over my desk. Even if I don't do something directly related to what's going … Continue reading September Content Planner Calendar Template

The End of the Year Book Tag

I wasn't tagged by anyone for this (as far I know...) but I came across it on A Redhead's Rambling. First of all, I want to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that your new years will be wonderful as well. On … Continue reading The End of the Year Book Tag

This or That book tag

Created by  Tea and Paperbacks Reading on the couch or on the bed? The couch because when I read in bed I find it difficult to stop and I end up staying up way too late. Also, the couch is close to the fireplace *snug*. Male main character or female main character? I very rarely read … Continue reading This or That book tag