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Introducing BiaVenturous

Hello everyone, today I’m introducing my new food and travel blog BiaVenturous.

BiaVenturous means foodie adventures!

The name BiaVenturous is inspired by the popular hashtag on Instagram, #foodventures. Bia (pronounced bee-ahis Irish for food and we love our little food adventures.

BiaVenturous is a food and travel blog with an emphasis on food while travelling.
I will be sharing dining experiences, nightlife, travel diaries, food diaries, reviews, recommendations and tips for visiting and dining on your travels.

I’m kind of soft launching the blog today with one restaurant review but I’ll have loads more content soon and expanding the blog with Instagram and YouTube pages in the near future.

I’ll be visiting lots of places around Ireland (and the rest of the world though not as frequently) especially Cork. Cork is a great place to visit if you love food. We have the wonderful English Market as well as some fantastic restaurants and bars. It’s known as the Food Capital of Ireland for a reason!

The blog will be mainly focused on vegetarian food though not exclusively because my husband is a complete carnivore so there will be a bit of variety in the dining experiences.

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