August Reading Plans & Instagram Templates

I decided to take it easy this month and not join in any readathons. I'm keeping my TBR to NetGalley arcs I need to catch up on and maybe some mood reading during the month. Trying Not To Love You by Amabile Giusti He’s a bad man and she knows it. But sometimes the bad … Continue reading August Reading Plans & Instagram Templates

N.E.W.T.’s & August TBR

NEWTS and August TBR I didn't really want to do a readathon in August but then the N.E.W.T.'s were announced and how can I not join in?! The N.E.W.T.'s readathon is hosted by Book Roast on YouTube and she has a very informative video on her channel along with links to all the stuff you may need/want. My … Continue reading N.E.W.T.’s & August TBR