Fall Time, Cosy Time | Book Tag

I discovered this tag on Howling Libraries. 1. CRUNCHING LEAVES: the world is full of colour! Choose a book with red/orange/yellow on the cover. Dracula by Bram Stoker Barnes and Noble Edition. It's amazing how few books I have with those colours on the cover! Everything seems to be a shade of blue... Anyhoo, this … Continue reading Fall Time, Cosy Time | Book Tag

6 Memes that Get What It Means to be a Bookworm

Happy Monday everyone!! Images from Pinterest.com Where to Find Me

A Book That Shouldn’t Exist

a book that shouldn't exist

I recently came across this post from Tumblr user Froody. In their post they mention they are collectors of old books and recently encountered a book whose origins couldn't be explained. https://froody.tumblr.com/ Froody writes "I collect old books. Mostly turn of the century stuff published between 1870 and 1920. My parents did too. They emassed … Continue reading A Book That Shouldn’t Exist

Guardian’s Grace by Rebecca Zanetti Review

Title: Guardian's Grace Series: Dark Protector's #12 Author: Rebecca Zanetti ISBN: B082WR4RG9 Pages: Genre & Tags: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Vampires, Magic Users, Brotherhood Synopsis: Duty—or desire? Vampire soldier Adare O’Cearbhaill’s default setting is cranky. Or irritated. Or down-right hostile. Still, as a Highlander of honor and duty he stepped up to save an enhanced and … Continue reading Guardian’s Grace by Rebecca Zanetti Review

Autumn Decor with Printables

autumn decor with printable templates elaine howlin

I'm so happy it's autumn!! This is by far my favourite season. I love the cooler weather (not so much the extra rain), the beautiful colours of the leaves and being able to wear jumpers, boots and leggings again. I decided to make some autumnal decorations for my house this year. Normally I go straight … Continue reading Autumn Decor with Printables