Apple Pies & Taco Fires | SILENT VLOG

Hello friends, this week I'm cooking up some taco fries and mini apple pies. I had some short crust pastry leftover from making a seafood pie and decided to whip some small apple and caramel pies. I had to use eating apples instead of cooking apples but they turned out quite nice. Caramel and apples … Continue reading Apple Pies & Taco Fires | SILENT VLOG

A Day of Cooking | Silent Vlog

Hello friends! In today's video I'm making some brownie buns (cause I don't have a baking tin) and some seafood pasta with blue cheese sauce. Hope you enjoy the video and find it relaxing 🙂 Brownies Recipe 175g Plain Flour225g Butter125g Chocolate325g Caster Sugar2tsp Vanilla Essence4 Eggs beaten1/2tsp Baking PowderPinch of saltPreheat oven to … Continue reading A Day of Cooking | Silent Vlog

Birthday Dinner & Recipes | SILENT VLOG

Birthday Dinner Vlog

So, it was my birthday this week and, though I wish I was turning 24 instead of 34, we decided to have a nice dinner to celebrate. Since I'm still a bit iffy about going out to a restaurant for a big meal, I cooked us up a three-course feast. Himself would have cooked it … Continue reading Birthday Dinner & Recipes | SILENT VLOG