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May 2019 Printable Calendar Template


The travelling season is fast approaching and you probably have some planning to do. We created this calendar to help you plan out everything you need to do this month and track any important dates you have coming up.

May-2019-calendar-b9.jpg free printable calendar

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Irish Myths and Legends | The Irish Readathon

Ireland has a rich history of storytelling. We’re known for myths, legends, fairytales and folklore. A lot of the mythology from here has inspired TV shows, movies and books we see now. The Banshee (I was terrified of this auld bag as a child) has featured in the shows Charmed and Supernatural as well as being a character in X-Men. There’s also a series of books by Rachel Vincent that centres around banshees called Soul Screamers (I haven’t read it yet but it’s on the list….along with about 600 other books).

For the Irish Readathon, I wanted to share some of my favourite elements of Irish mythology with you.

Tir na nOg

The story of Oisin and Tir na nOg follows poor Oisin after he meets Niamh of the Golden Hair and goes to Tir na nOg (Land of the Young) with her. This is basically a fairy realm where you don’t age or die and Oisin was very happy there for 300 years when he began to miss Ireland. He decides to visit his home but is warned that if he touches the ground he will not be able to return. Of course, he does touch the land and instantly ages to an old man and dies soon after.

I really think Niamh could have given him a stronger warning here instead of just “you won’t be able to return”! Anyway, this is one of my favourites because I was fascinated by the idea of a magical realm that you could travel to on horseback. You just had to run into a fairy to bring you there.

The Children of Lir

I’ve always loved this story though I’m not sure why because it is not remotely pleasant. The story follows a group of siblings (Lir’s children 😉) who have been turned into swans by their father’s new wife because she was jealous of them. They remain as swans for hundreds and hundreds of years enduring unending torment and sorrow (mostly at the hands of the weather which is what Irish people complain about a lot even though our weather is generally quite mild). After 900 years the spell on them ends and they turn into very old people. They are found by a monk who baptises them just before they die and he buries them together.

The only thing I don’t like about this story is the rush towards Christianity at the end. This story must have been circulating around the time the island was being converted.

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Loftus Hall

Loftus Hall is apparently the most haunted house in Ireland. It’s a mansion house in County Wexford close to Hook Head. The area is actually quite beautiful and I recommend visiting even if you don’t want to see the haunted house. There has been a resident on the site since 1170 when a Norman man built a castle there and it has gone through several changes and families over the years to become the mansion house it is now.

So what makes it a haunted house? It’s said to have been visited by the devil. The legend goes that a sailor showed up at the house seeking refuge during a storm. He was invited to stay by the family and they later sat down to a game of cards. The daughter of the house discovered the man had hoofed feet when she dropped a card under the table. When the man realised she’d seen his feet he shot through the roof in a ball of flames. The girl went insane and her family locked her away in one of the rooms of the house for the rest of her life.

The Banshee

The Banshee (or the auld bag as I like to call her) genuinely terrified me as a child. I’m not sure if she’s a demon or fairy or some kind of ghost but her shtick is to scream if a member of your family is going to die. As a child, I’d heard as well that if you saw her it meant that you were going to die. I grew up in the countryside with foxes and all sorts running around outside my window at night time. Any little squeal of a sound would have me terrified I’d heard the banshee and someone in my family was about to bite the dust. No one ever did though and I soon learned to recognise animal sounds.

Fairy Mounds

Fairy mounds both frightened and captivated me. There was one in one of the lower fields by my house and my grandad told me to stay away from it because the fairies would come after me. Which to a child is like a scary thing and an exciting thing at the same time. It could have been my chance to get to Tir na nOg!!!

I’m pretty sure the one at my house was just a lump of earth my grandad decided to tell me stories about and not what people usually refer to as fairy forts/rings which are the remains of circular homes from the iron age. It was still pretty magical to me though.


Top 5 Shows on Amazon Prime Video

Hello people! For today’s blogmas post I decided to chat about my 5 favourite shows on Amazon Prime Video. I’ve been watching a lot of Prime Video lately because they have every season of Buffy (which is not on Netflix in Ireland) and they have some great original content as well.

When you sign up to Prime Video you get a 30-day free trial and it is £7.99 a month after that. Sign up here.

The Man in the High Castle

We started watching this show a few years ago and got bored after about episode 3 and dropped it. We started watching it again last year and fell in love with the show. We picked it up again where we stopped in case we lost interest again so I can’t say if we were just moody the first time around but I wish we had kept going, it is fantastic.

American Gods

This show is kind of crazy but it’s so good and it is stunning. Fantastic effects and a very strange and interesting story.

amazon prime video 30 day free trial


LOVE ❤❤❤ I would love this show for the theme song alone but the whole lot is amazing. It does focus more on romance but there is a lot of history and drama in it too.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

It’s a classic! I am really enjoying reliving my youth watching this show. Each season brings back memories of where my life was at the time it was on TV.

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

I went into this show completely blind. I saw the 1950’s style clothes and wanted to check it out. It’s hilarious, I love it! A woman trying to make it as a comedian in the 50’s isn’t something you think about very often but it makes for very entertaining TV.

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Blogmas 2018

I may be biting off more than I can chew but this year I have decided to take part in Blogmas. What is Blogmas? It’s kind of like an advent calendar of festive blog content posted every day for 25 days in December. I’m not sure I will be able to write 25 interesting Christmas themed posts but I should be able to post every day for 25 days. There just might be the odd bit of regular content thrown in.

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Vlogmas is another option for the season. It’s the same as Blogmas but on YouTube with video content. I would love to try this but I seriously doubt I’d be up to the challenge. I struggle with getting a single video a week up.

So, even though I’m unsure of my ability I do have a few ideas for posts. These would work for Vlogmas and Blogmas.

Blogmas/Vlogmas Post Ideas

  1. Bookish Christmas Gifts
  2. Christmas Gifts under €20
  3. Stocking Fillers
  4. How to make Christmas Cards
  5. How to make a Christmas Wreath
  6. Christmas Cake Recipe
  7. Favourite Christmas Books
  8. Christmas Books for Kids
  9. DIY Christmas Decorations
  10. Christmas Book Reviews
  11. Hot Chocolate Recipe
  12. Christmas Cocktail Recipe
  13. How We Celebrate Christmas
  14. My Christmas Wishlist
  15. My Christmas Watchlist
  16. Christmas Movies on Netflix to Watch
  17. Festive Reading List
  18. Festive Reading Vlog
  19. Christmas Cosy Reading Night
  20. Christmas Readathon
  21. Christmas Day Menu
  22. Christmas Printables
  23. Christmas Instagram Templates
  24. Christmas Plans
  25. Stephen’s Day Plans
  26. Christmas Vlog
  27. Annual Wrap-Up
  28. Christmas Tree Decorating Vlog
  29. Christmas Playlist
  30. Anticipated Reads for Next Year

If you have more ideas (and are willing to share) I would so love to hear them. I will add them to the list and credit you 🙂


They’ve taken the mice to Isengard | LOTR Mouse Movie

This is so good! The mice are just so cute and the end gave me a giggle. The hobbits and Gandalf are all mice while the orcs are rats and Sauron is a creepy owl.

Mice Animated Short Film by Jade Baillargeault, Nazli Doale, Dimitri James, Quang Daniel La, Morgane Lau, Mélanie Pango et Manon Pringault at ISART DIGITAL. Featured on CGMeetup.

“In a dark subway tunnel, a group of mice find a gold ring-pull that seems to have a mysterious effect on one of them. Not so far from them, an owl and his enslaved rats are watching. The owl sends his rats to get hold of this strange object…”

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And for old times sake…

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