Recent Audible Acquisitions

Audible haul

I was completely against Audible for so long. I thought it was overpriced considering I pay the same for Scribd and can listen to however many audiobooks I want (kind of) as well as ebooks. But of course with Scribd I don't actually own the books and they may not have the book I want. … Continue reading Recent Audible Acquisitions

August Book Haul | Second Hand Historical Books has a sale on at the moment so of course I had to buy a bunch of books. I got 18 books in total mostly historical fiction but a few contemporary and urban fantasy as well. Some Highlights

June Book Haul | Second Hand Books Ok, it's a big one this month. 16 books! One of them I received from Harper Collins and another I actually bought in May but as it was the only book I bought in May I decided to haul it now. Everything else I ordered from second-hand online store. 10 books for me … Continue reading June Book Haul | Second Hand Books

April Book Haul I recently discovered thanks to Books and Charms so this is where all of my money will probably be going from now on. The sells second-hands from as little as 50c (but mostly about €2) and they are based in Ireland so shipping is nice and fast for me AND if you … Continue reading April Book Haul

Unboxing | Books & Charms March Box

Books and Charms unboxing march 2019

This months box is probably my favourite so far. I can't wait to try out the bath salts and have a relaxing cup of tea with my book after. ELAINE10 for 10% discount on your order Books & Charms The Moher Soap Co. Three Little Birds Illustration The Heather Blazing by … Continue reading Unboxing | Books & Charms March Box