Autumn Decor with Printables

autumn decor with printable templates elaine howlin

I'm so happy it's autumn!! This is by far my favourite season. I love the cooler weather (not so much the extra rain), the beautiful colours of the leaves and being able to wear jumpers, boots and leggings again. I decided to make some autumnal decorations for my house this year. Normally I go straight … Continue reading Autumn Decor with Printables

Rustic Tarot Card Box DIY

Hi everyone, happy crafting day!! This is my favourite posting day. I just LOVE creating things and each week the project is a bit of a surprise to me. I start out with a vague idea of what I want to make and then just start! This week I got a new set of … Continue reading Rustic Tarot Card Box DIY

Flower Bookmark Tutorial with Printable Templates

Hi everyone and happy Tuesday! For today's project, we're making some bookmarks with flowers on top. I got this idea from Rainey at Rainey Day Reads who suggested using them on the ribbons of my recovered Wordsworth Editions after I posted some of my flowers on Instagram. >> How I Re-Cover my Wordsworth Editions I … Continue reading Flower Bookmark Tutorial with Printable Templates

Making a Kindle Case from an Old Journal

I used a diary from 2014 by Paperblanks that I have had lying around since then to create this case for my Kindle. I also re purposed the fairly gross cheap animal print one I had been using. Supplies Used Cheap Kindle CaseOld Journal similar size to the caseCraft PaperYarnNote PaperPaperclipsGlue StickGlue GunScissorsPen

How I Re-Cover My Wordsworth Editions

Recovering wordsworth classics editions books Elaine Howlin Book Blog

In today's video I show you how I re-cover my Wordsworth Classics Editions using crafting paper. I'm not sure what these books are made of but the black paint tends to chip off and some of them have some terrible stock photo images on the covers. I actually like some of them though. One of … Continue reading How I Re-Cover My Wordsworth Editions