Candybook Land

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How to Play

  1. Click here to throw the dice
  2. The colour/candy you land on dictates your book category  and gives you a choice of 3 tasks (listed below).
  3. Continue until you reach King Kandy’s Castle and win the game!
  4. Play at your own pace. Roll the dice and read a book every 3 days/week/fortnight/month, whatever suits you! The point of the game is to have fun and help you get through your to-read pile.
  5. Can play be played alone or with up to 4 players.

King Kandy

Categories & Tasks

Choose one from list.

  • Red – read a paranormal/urban fantasy book, a book where someone gets murdered or  has a red cover.
  • Purple – read a book with a character in a position of power (king, queen, lord, CEO, president, etc.),where the author uses a pseudonym or has a purple cover.
  • Yellow – read a book that makes you laugh, that’s first in a series or has a yellow cover.
  • Blue – read a book where a character is involved with the police, has a battle/war in it or has a blue cover.
  • Orange – read a book with a romance, where one of the characters is an artist or has an orange cover.
  • Green – read a book with a very wealthy character, set in a school or has a green cover.
  • Pink – read a book with a female protagonist, that’s a guilty pleasure or has a pink cover.
  • Rainbow Square (#132) – read anything you want!

Peppermint Forrest Peppermint Forest – read a book set in a forest, with shapeshifters (werewolves, werelions, etc.) or from the horror/thriller genre.

nanas nut house Nana’s Nutt House – read a book with a character suffering from a mental illness or a nut allergy, has a competition in it or has been made into a movie.

licorice lagoon purple Licorice Lagoon purple – read a book set in a hot country, has demons in it or from the historical genre.

Lolliepop palace Lollipop Palace – Read a book where someone has a tattoo, has children in it or written in first person POV.

licorice lagoon red Licorice Lagoon red – read a book with cowboys, that’s 5th in a series or from the non-fiction genre.

frosted palace Frosted Palace – read a book set in a cold country, has a castle on the cover or from the steampunk genre

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Starting from the beginning, I roll a 7 with the dice putting me on square #7 which is red, so I read either a paranormal/urban fantasy book, a book where someone gets murdered or  has a red cover.

Date: 6/8/16

Place#: 7 red

Task: Has a red cover

Book: No Rest for the Wicked by Kresley Cole

I’m playing weekly, rolling every Saturday. The following Saturday I roll 8…

Date: 13/8/16

Place#: 15 yellow

Task: First in a series

Book: Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews

Tracking Template





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