6 Reading Memes for Bookworms

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15 thoughts on “6 Reading Memes for Bookworms

    1. I get really annoyed with audio books that pronounce things wrong. One of my favourite series features Irish mythology and the narrator pronounces “Tuatha” as “tootha” every single time. From book 1 to book 11 where I am now. It drives me insane!!! It should be said like “thoo-ah”. I just don’t understand why she hasn’t been corrected or checked it after doing all of those books!

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  1. Technically for me, sometimes while reading I dont understand the meaning of a word, but I just end up taking a super vague meaning from the context its used in, cause i’m too lazy to keep the book down and open a dictionary. Later on, I realise that I got the meaning and pronunciation totally wrong! 🤣🤣
    Rudie https://blabberlytwist.wordpress.com

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