Let’s Get Shameless Tag

Hi friends! I don’t usually do book tags but they are a great way to pass the time right now. Please consider yourself tagged if you’d like to do this one too 😁

1. Shamelessness Personified: Talk about a book, character, or writer who you feel best embodies what it means to be shameless.

2. Shameless Suck Up: Talk about a book outside your comfort zone that you read mainly because you appreciate or admire the person who recommended it.

3. Shameless Plug: Talk about a book or writer you’ll recommend to ANYONE YOU MEET because they need more attention, dammit!

4. Shameless Snob: Talk about a text that speaks to your very, VERY particular interests—stuff so obscure that it almost feels like the book was written just for you.

5. Shameless Fan: Talk about a book or writer you know you’ll keep returning to despite the fact that there are literally millions of other things you could be reading.

6. Shameless Hater: Talk about a trending/popular book or author you did not enjoy (and you don’t care who knows it!)

7. Shameless Flirt: Talk about a book that really turned you on in that… special way. (Or touched you emotionally in a way that others might find embarrassing.)

8. Tagging: Tag what you deem to be a shameless amount of BookTubers to complete this tag. Bonus points if you say something nice about each one.

I tag you!!

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