Travel Dreams: The Cartoon Cafe in Seoul

Visitors of Cafe Yeonnam-dong 223-14 in Seoul, South Korea, say it’s like stepping inside a comic book. So of course, it made its way onto my travel list. Just look at that floor!

The cafe is located in a trendy district known for it’s music scene, vintage markets and up-and-coming restaurants. I’m not even remotely trendy or “hip” but this place looks amazing.

Although the interior is small and very sparsely decorated, the detailing and ornamental look of the illustrations give the 2D environment real depth. I would half expect your man from A-Ha to pop out of the wall and take your hand as soon as you sit down!

An article about the cafe in Daphne’s Diary magazine says that the owner’s goal with the decor was to create a focus on what you go to a cafe for; delicious food and drink and to have a natter with your friends free from distraction (pretty sure she wouldn’t use the word natter though…)

The refreshments certainly do look appetizing. I absolutely love the paint drip mugs. They give the impression the colours from the food and drink and trying to slip into the monochrome world of the cafe. And check out that dog in the window! Such a cute idea.

vintage 1950s dresses

Take a Tour of the Cafe

The cartoony look is achieved by painting everything white and going over the edges in black. I think this would make a stunning (if a little trippy) way to decorate a bathroom at home.

Cartoon Cafe in Seoul @elainehowlin_

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9 thoughts on “Travel Dreams: The Cartoon Cafe in Seoul

  1. I love the rabbit with the rifle. Hi there. I am going around the neighborhood introducing myself. My name is Marc. My blog contains excerpts from my book The Driveway Rules. It contains memoirs about growing up with undiagnosed autism. I hope you stop by.Pegasus uçak bileti

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  2. I have seen this café on Instagram before and my attention was definitely drawn to it! Love that I was able to have a more in depth look with your article – thank you 🙂

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