The Irish Readathon 2020 Announcement

The Irish Readathon 2020

March 1st – 31st

The Irish Readathon is taking place again this year for the month of March. It’s hosted by myself, Aoife from Fred Weasley Died Laughing and Leanne Rose.

We have set 5 challenges but there’s no pressure to do these. You really only need to read one book to participate. We’re fairly relaxed about the whole thing 😉

☘ The Challenges

  • Read a book with a green cover
  • Read a book published during 2018 – 2020 by an Irish author or set in Ireland
  • Read an award winning book by an Irish author (check out the Irish Book Awards)
  • Read a book by an Irish author tagged LGBTQ+
  • Read a book 150 pages or under by an Irish author or set in Ireland

Closer to the end of the month I will have my TBR and some recommendations for the challenges.

The Irish Readathon 2020 @elainehowlin_

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