Book Bloggers are Real Readers – The Irish Times

Hi everyone, this isn’t the usual kind of thing I post but I wanted to share this article from The Irish Times with you all about book blogging and blogging in general really.

I know many of the people who read my blog are fellow bloggers so this may be of interest to you. You may find it interesting as a reader as well 😉

The article is written by Irish blogger Margaret Madden and refers to a backlash book bloggers received in 2017 from people believing they weren’t real readers.

They’re not paid to review. They do it mostly because they enjoy discussing books with like-minded people.

Click here to read the article: Book Bloggers are Real Readers

Book Bloggers are Real Readers – The Irish Times @elainehowlin_

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19 thoughts on “Book Bloggers are Real Readers – The Irish Times

  1. Interesting article. There’s so much jealousy in online spaces. Mainly because, of course, there’s a ton of marketing and so it can feel kind of like everyone’s getting in on some gold rush. But, honestly, if people spend the time to read other people’s content it’s pretty easy to filter past the things you don’t want to read. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen any full fluff marketing of a book though (apart from some of the weird book adverts that are more like perfume commercials).

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  2. I think why some people think book bloggers aren’t real readers is because book photography seems more important than written reviews these days. I’ve even heard some people say that “book reviews are dead.” I hope that publishers and authors continue to appreciate written reviews, because as a reader, I most certainly do!

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      1. Wow that’s crazy you were only asked to post pics! It’d be interesting to know if Instagram has become more successful at promoting books over a site like Goodreads?

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      2. It might be the case! I see bookstagrammers promoting things like watches and shampoo as well so I guess at some point they become advertising space…. Not saying that they stop caring about their posts just that they get a little sidetracked.

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  3. That article is so true and accurate. XD I’m in fact a working mom of a little kid that still goes to kindergarten and I love to read books and to write reviews about them. I do it in my rare spare time because I love books and not because I get money for it. This was a really interesting and very real article. 😀 Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Yeah, netGalley have a good few books that you can read straight away and sometimes publishers will send you a book. I’ve been sent two physical cookbooks after reviewing the ebooks on NetGalley. Nice little gift I wasn’t expecting.

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