2019 Reading Challenges

Happy 2019 everyone!! I hope the new year treats you well.

I’ve signed up to a few reading challenges for the new year to help me tackle my TBR. I use Goodreads to track most of my challenges so you won’t see them here but I’ve included links.

Goodreads Challenge – 80 Books

I decided to read less than usual this year because I want to focus more on creating instead of spending all of my spare time reading. I would normally read about 100 books in a year and this year I’m aiming for 80. I must be the only book blogger trying to read less 😅

The Pagemaster – 4 to 6 Series

The aim of this challenge is to complete series I’ve already started. I’m terrible for starting series and never finishing them. I would be delighted if I managed to complete 6 series in 2019.

Cover Love – 61 to 100 Books

This challenge is kind of like a treasure hunt where you have to find items on books covers. The listed items include things such as a coffee cup, sword, boots and bats. Thinking about it now it’s amazing how many books just have people on the cover so this one might actually be tricky.

Mt. TBR 2019 – 20 Books

For this challenge you can only read books added to your TBR before Jan 2019. I plan on only reading books that I already own and not include ones that I added to my wishlist during the year. There are a bunch of different tasks to help you narrow down what books to read.

Historical Fiction Reading Challenge 2019 Elaine Howlin Literary Blog

Historical Fiction Reading Challenge – 25 Books

I’m tracking this one here on my blog. I really enjoy historical fiction but don’t read nearly enough so I’d like to up my count this year. I have some books I’d like to read listed in my announcement post.

Those are all of the year long challenges I’ve signed up to for 2019. I will be doing monthly, 3 month and 6 month ones as well cause I am crazy for reading challenges!!

Are you taking part in any reading challenges this year?

21 thoughts on “2019 Reading Challenges

  1. Not so much taking part in a challenge. I feel doing that makes it feel like a chore to churn out what I ‘need to read’ rather than what I want to read.

    I am setting some reading resolutions, though.

    Read a classic novel I have never read.

    Read an entire series or finish two that I have on the go etc …

    Not big numbers, just little thimgs I have wanted to do but have been unable due to review requests/day job etc …

    All the best in your challenges!

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      1. I’m tempted by Moby Dick. I read so many of Jules Verne and loved his so could always dive back into his works.

        Plan on reading a few Poirot novels but I won’t count those 🙈

        Do you have any to suggest?


  2. I set my Goodreads goal to 100 books again, and I am making and effort to read more unread books from my shelves, more poetry, and works in translation. I don’t have any other reading challenges that I am planning to do, but there are a couple of readalongs I want to take part in.

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  3. I set my Goodreads goal to 100 books again, but that’s all for me because I’m too much of a mood reader for challenges.
    I will also try to tackle my physical TBR which I tend to forget about because I mostly read e-books (I had a very long commute until Dec 31).
    I also want to try a readalong, which I’ve never done before. I’ve tried readathons but they don’t work for me, so I’m trying new things!

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      1. Yes I haven’t bought any physical book for quite some time because I have a problem with my arm/hand and they are too heavy, the e-reader is a life-saver!
        But I’m definitely tackling that physical TBR in 2019!

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  4. I am planning to do the Romance-opoly reading challenge this year, but there are some genres I just have ZERO interest in, so I might adapt it to meet my interests 🙂 I’d also like to try a read-a-thon of some sort this year!

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  5. Lol! You’re a bad influence on me Elaine, I’ve just joined the Cover Love annual challenge.
    I had set my 2019 Goodreads Challenge to just 52 although I read 100 last year but I can always adjust my goal as I go.

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