Blogmas 2018

I may be biting off more than I can chew but this year I have decided to take part in Blogmas. What is Blogmas? It’s kind of like an advent calendar of festive blog content posted every day for 25 days in December. I’m not sure I will be able to write 25 interesting Christmas themed posts but I should be able to post every day for 25 days. There just might be the odd bit of regular content thrown in.

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Vlogmas is another option for the season. It’s the same as Blogmas but on YouTube with video content. I would love to try this but I seriously doubt I’d be up to the challenge. I struggle with getting a single video a week up.

So, even though I’m unsure of my ability I do have a few ideas for posts. These would work for Vlogmas and Blogmas.

Blogmas/Vlogmas Post Ideas

  1. Bookish Christmas Gifts
  2. Christmas Gifts under €20
  3. Stocking Fillers
  4. How to make Christmas Cards
  5. How to make a Christmas Wreath
  6. Christmas Cake Recipe
  7. Favourite Christmas Books
  8. Christmas Books for Kids
  9. DIY Christmas Decorations
  10. Christmas Book Reviews
  11. Hot Chocolate Recipe
  12. Christmas Cocktail Recipe
  13. How We Celebrate Christmas
  14. My Christmas Wishlist
  15. My Christmas Watchlist
  16. Christmas Movies on Netflix to Watch
  17. Festive Reading List
  18. Festive Reading Vlog
  19. Christmas Cosy Reading Night
  20. Christmas Readathon
  21. Christmas Day Menu
  22. Christmas Printables
  23. Christmas Instagram Templates
  24. Christmas Plans
  25. Stephen’s Day Plans
  26. Christmas Vlog
  27. Annual Wrap-Up
  28. Christmas Tree Decorating Vlog
  29. Christmas Playlist
  30. Anticipated Reads for Next Year

If you have more ideas (and are willing to share) I would so love to hear them. I will add them to the list and credit you 🙂


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