Howlin Books is becoming Elaine Howlin

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Hi everyone,

As I mentioned in my last chat post, I’m rebranding my blog and the changes will be happening over the next few days. I’m going from Howlin Books to Elaine Howlin which is simply my name. The reason I’m doing this is that I want to start branching out with my content. I have a keen interest in cooking and crafting and would like to start incorporating those in my posts. I will probably begin by reviewing and trialling books on these topics to ease the transition.

Howlin Books YouTube BookTube channel

My YouTube channel will remain Howlin Books and continue to focus on literature but I will be launching a second channel that focuses on all of the above topics under Elaine Howlin in the coming weeks.

I’ve been so torn about what to do with my YouTube channel. I would like to keep it book focused but two channels sound like a lot of work to maintain. I may change it to Elaine Howlin Books…..or does that sound way too silly?….

Anyway, expect to see more variety in this blog over the next few weeks and a new design. I’m going for earth tones and a vintage feel in the future.

I hope you enjoy the new content when it comes out 🙂 Thank you for your interest in what I’ve been doing so far and if you’re new here, thanks for following!

Chat again soon!

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