Blind Date with a Book! Reading Challenge

Blind Date
with a book!
descriptiondescription Hello beautiful people! Welcome to Blind Date with a Book! I’m your host Chaz Shmoozly! 
The game is simple, choose a genre, pick your favourite answer to the question and enjoy your date!


Feb 14th to March 15th 2018


Go on a date with at least two contestants.


Each answer will take you to a book. You may read any book from that series, or any book by that author, or any book from the genre you picked.


What is your idea of a romantic evening?
Contestant 1: Standing outside your house looking in your window.
Contestant 2: Standing in the corner of your bedroom watching you sleep.
Contestant 3: Training you to kick some serious ass!

What is your favorite possession?
Contestant 1: My sword
Contestant 2: My ship
Contestant 3: You

Who do you live with?
Contestant 1: A bunch of unruly shifters.
Contestant 2: Bloodthirsty fiends.
Contestant 3: I live alone.

How do you have fun?
Contestant 1: Tormenting humans.
Contestant 2: Mixing potions
Contestant 3: Dancing

What makes you laugh?
Contestant 1: Nothing. I only know suffering.
Contestant 2: Snarky comebacks.
Contestant 3: Rednecks

What do you value in a relationship?
Contestant 1: Loyalty
Contestant 2: Conversation
Contestant 3: Honesty

This game/challenge is hosted on My Vampire Book Obsession.


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