Bookcase Tidy

My bookcase was a complete mess, I had stuff just shoved in there everywhere. So I decided to sort that shit out! The very top shelf remains the same, it has our wedding albums and stuff from the ceremony on it.

The next shelf had my read books on it but now has graphic novels, all of my Harry Potter books and some pop funkos. Next was my to read  but is now my read books with some favourites facing forward and my piggy bank. I made a plan this year to add €1 to the piggy bank for every book I finish. I think I’ll up it to €2 now to save a bit more. The last shelf now has my to read books with the ones I plan on reading soon facing forward.

I am limited with space which is why I have two layers of books. I honestly don’t know how some people have these massive bookcases full of books. I would love to have that too but I just don’t have the space!

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11 thoughts on “Bookcase Tidy

  1. It is too bad they don’t make a book case that has doors you can fill with books too… That would solve some of the space problems. Maybe? Well live in hope. 🙂

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    1. I tend to get my series as ebooks simply because I lack space. If I really love a series then I buy the paperbacks when I see them on sale.


      1. Sounds much more feasible than my method which is everything in physical form, unless I can only find it as an ebook. Much more expensive that way too…


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