Chit Chat: The Year of Reading Dangerously

Last year was a great reading year. I read less than 2016 but I enjoyed my reading time more. I think I was putting pressure on myself to read as much as possible in 2016 and I took it easy in 2017. I was under no pressure at all to read the 154 books I read last year but I still want to set a lower goal for 2018. I want to spend more time on blogging and vlogging. It takes a good bit of time to draft a post and edit it and then video takes even longer. Editing a video until I’m happy with it takes a long ass time (especially with my slow laptop and constant cringing) but I really enjoy it and want to improve.

Cosy Reading Night 2017

2017 Wrap Up

Challenges Completed

I love joining reading challenges especially if you earn a badge or something like that from them. I completed way more than I’m going to mention here, these are just my favourites.

Annual – Around the World in 80 Books

This challenge had 80 tasks relating to various parts of the world plus a 13 book Spell it Out challenge. I completed 79 of the tasks and finished the spell it out challenge so I’m happy with that. See my books here.

Annual – Slayer Challenge

This challenge was pretty straightforward, the goal was to “slay” as many supernatural creatures as possible by reading books with them in it. I read 50 books for this. See my books here.

6 Month – Vampire Academy

This challenge was based on being a student in a vampire school not on the series by Richelle Mead. There were 6 modules with 6 tasks each giving a total of 36 tasks. I managed to read all 36 for this one. See my books here.

6 Month – Inferno

The theme for this challenge is that you’re trapped in hell and must read books to make your way through the nine circles of Hell, fight Lucifer and escape. There were 10 sections with 4 tasks in each totalling 40 which I completed. See my books here.

3 Month – Disney Villains

This challenge is centred around 5 Disney Villains with 7 tasks for each. I managed to complete about 30 of the 35 tasks. See my books here.

Most Popular Posts

This or That Book Tag

2018 A – Z Challenge

2017 Goodreads Challenge


The End of the Year Book Tag

Goals Achieved

For 2017 I really wanted to get my blog going properly. By that, I mean post regularly and actually have people read what I’m writing. To that end, I did an online course on blogging from Shaw Academy that really helped me understand what I needed to be doing, how to improve my posts and how to get people to see them. I also found this podcast, The Problogger Podcast. I learn something really helpful every time I listen to an episode. It’s invaluable if you’re a blogger. Thanks to both of those I was able to grow my audience to over 1K last year which I’m very happy about 🙂

1000 subscribers book blog

In 2017 I also started a YouTube channel with no clue what I was doing. I didn’t realise the amount of work that goes into doing video and how difficult it is to actually sit in front of the camera and speak. It’s surprisingly intimidating. I’m happy I started it even though I only put up like 3 videos and then just stopped. I have started up again with more knowledge of how it all works and a bit more confidence.

2018 Plans


I’m a big fan of monthly goals but never really do yearly ones. The end of the year just seems so far away and I just stop thinking about them. So these are more like guidelines or desires than actual set in stone goals.


  • Read more Irish fiction (especially by female authors)
  • Read big books (over 500 pages)
  • Read more graphic novels
  • Read more new releases


  • Post weekly
  • Take part in at least 2 readathons
  • Take part in Vlogtober or Vlogmas


  • Post twice a week
  • Reply to comments


  • Post four times a week
  • Make posts more personal

Reading Challenges


2018 A-Z Challenge

The Pop Sugar Challenge

Potions Class

An Unexpected Art Show

Mt TBR 2018

6 Months

Grimoire Book of Spells

Warehouse 13

3 Months

Sucker Punch

I’ll probably join loads more challenges during the year but these are what I’m doing at the moment.

Lets be friends!!

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12 thoughts on “Chit Chat: The Year of Reading Dangerously

  1. I look forward to learning much more about reading, writing and blogging from you. I realise I think along the same lines on these subjects as you, but I am much behind on my learning curve.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post! I definitely put pressure on myself to read more, both academic, personal development and fiction books! It sometimes feels overwhelming seeing or hearing about a book I want to add to my list. Also, thanks a MILLION for sharing about the blog course and the podcast! I was really into listening to podcasts this past fall and kind of fell out of it this winter, but I’m really trying to devote more energy and time to my blog this year as well! It can take so much time drafting and writing like you said, so any little extra help can go a long way! Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad I could help you. The podcast is especially useful. They share other bloggers stories which are really motivating. We’ve all had days where we just don’t feel like putting in the effort, I’ve found listening to those stories gets me going again.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Good luck ! On the contrary, I don’t know what I’m doing in my blog. I keep posting reviews anyway despite amount of views. 😅 But it’s delightful to read others blog and find blog like yours. Thank you.


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