Happy New Year

Happy new year everyone!!

You all helped make 2017 great for me so thank you 😊 Looking forward to more book chats in 2018.

22 thoughts on “Happy New Year

      1. Oh lovely! I’ve heard a lot about that on one of the booktube channels I watch. It’s called Lauren and the Books if you want to check it out. The Christmasaurus is a play too, isn’t it?


      2. Its really good so far and kinda sad. I seem to find that being kinda sad is a must with books for younger readers. Same with David Walliams’s books.

        Yeah it’s being made into a play with Tom, Giovana (can’t spell) and one member of McFly that I’ve seen on Tom’s Instagram.

        Brilliant thanks. I’m looking into new videos to watch this year

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      3. I guess it’s an emotion kids need to understand. I’ve never read any of David Walliams. The movie for Rat Burger looks fun though.


      4. I’ve got all of his apart from his new one, and that will be rectified next week. I enjoyed Ratburger. I’ve been on a young adults/reader kick for a while. Some I find better than half of the adult fiction. Yeah and they get an understanding in abundance with David Walliams especially The Midnight Gang (made me shed a tear). I really hope he makes that into a movie.

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    1. I would love it so much if I managed to read all the books that I bought this year. Way too many to post here… I might do a haul post with the books I bought at the end of last year. I definitely want to read Uprooted by Naomi Novak, The Secret History by Donna Tart, The Princess Bride by William Goldman, and so many more it’s ridiculous!


      1. I love the movie, it’s been ages since I watched it though. I want to forget as much as possible before reading and then watch it again.


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