My First Week of NaNoWriMo

Day 1 – Wednesday

The first day and I didn’t actually get any writing done. What I did do was sketch out my ideas – the setting, the main characters, what’s going to happen first.

Day 2- Thursday

I did some writing today. About 300 words I think… not much but at least I’m writing.

Day 3 – Friday

Wrote some more. Got up to about 1000 words. Watched the WordNerds Virtual Write-In on YouTube which I think helped motivate me a lot.

Day 4 – Saturday

Nada. Spent the day in town with my husband. We went to the cinema to see Murder on the Orient Express which was good but I expected better.

Day 5 – Sunday

Again nada… No excuse today, I was just lazy. Stayed in my pyjamas and watched TV with himself.

Day 6 – Monday

Today was good. I wrote around 2000 words and watched two of the virtual write-ins from Saturday. I ended up getting a headache midday though then again during the night.

Day 7 – Tuesday

I was wrecked today but managed to get to 4283 words which I’m happy with. I had intended writing more but I ended up binging Stranger Things 2 and then I had book club.

I’m kind of struggling with motivation at the moment so I decided to take a look at what people are talking about on the NaNo page on Reddit and found this video of Neil Gaiman.

I was starting to feel really frustrated with myself and finding it really difficult to want to keep typing but that video really helped.

Good luck to everyone else doing NaNo!!


9 thoughts on “My First Week of NaNoWriMo”

  1. Good luck to you too! I also do find it hard to motivate myself to write, so I work with a reward system! For example, when I finish a chapter (with 5k words) then I’ll treat myself by watching a movie or reading a book or getting something I really like to eat!

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  2. It is hard to write a book, especially when trying to get all your motivation into completing it in a month. What I do is allocate a specific amount of time, say three hours in the morning, and say to myself that I want to get a minimum of 2500 words done in that time. Some days it’s easy, some days I run over by a few minutes, or even half an hour, but I get it done. And then I repeat. When the words don’t want to come, it hurts, but I make myself do it to get to the next point that I really want to write about.

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    1. I find if difficult to write in specified lots of time. If I’m not in the humor when the time comes and I try to make myself do it, I find it difficult to stay focused and actually do it. I guess I need to train myself into it.

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  3. When I am finding it difficult to write (which sadly is often) I use it as planning time instead. It’s a bit he said, she did, but hey at least I’m writing! This might sound like cheating to seasoned Nanowrimoers …er… and perhaps it is :0( , but I often find my writer’s block comes from just not knowing what’s coming next. TBH I’m not really aiming to finish the book by December, just hoping to have a skeleton which I can flesh out over the coming months/year.

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