November Reading Challenge – Thanksgiving

This challenge is hosted on My Vampire Book Obsession.

Thanksgiving Dinner

November 1st-30th

Hungry ~ 2-3 books
Starving ~ 4-6 books

Read a book where a character has a drink (vampires feeding counts) or has a liquid on the cover.

Read a book under 200 pages or that isn’t too complex (A Brief History of Time would be a complex book).

Main Course
Read a book while eating or by an author you enjoy or have been meaning to read.

Read a book with a cover you think is delicious (has a colour you like or an attractive person on it, etc.) or listen to an audiobook.

Read a book tagged ‘romance’, ‘fantasy, or ‘paranormal’ or one that has a dark cover.

After Dinner Mint
Read any book you like 🙂

Where to find me

howlinbooks1 instagram Instagram elainemirl snapchat link Snapchat: elainemirl  elaine howlin twitter Twitter

22 thoughts on “November Reading Challenge – Thanksgiving”

      1. I would allow a book that has an X anywhere in the title. Even that would be difficult to find…. The trouble is not just finding a book that suits but finding a book that suits and you want to read…


    1. Thanks 🙂 I try to make them applicable to as many people as possible. So no matter what kind of books you read, you could do the challenge…well I try anyway haha I think I still lean towards fantasy.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog about Thanksgiving. I like your November challenge–maybe because I finished it before I saw your post. I read five NYT bestsellers which described delicious food and a variety of wine and desserts while fantasy and crime fiction characters disrupted the lives of others and gave me a break from my own struggles with the lives of my fiction characters.

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