September Challenge – Hecate’s Finishing School

Hi all, this month’s reading challenge has a loose back to school theme. I found this pic while browsing back to school photos and decided to go a bit witchy with it.

This challenge is hosted on My Vampire Book Obsession.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

One month from start date

Apprentice ~ 2-5
Witch ~ 5-8

1.Principles of Magic (what is magic and how does it work? the theory of magic)
Read a book with a magic user.

2.Aurae and Energy (what is the aura? dealing with the aura and energy in magic)
Read a book with a colourful cover.

3.Divination, except scrying (what is divination? comparing different forms of divination)
Read a book where someone predicts the future or that you’ve been meaning to read for a long time.

4.Palmistry (the art of reading palms)
Read a book with a hand on the cover.

5.Matrons, Patrons, and Shrines (devoting yourself to one goddess and/or one God, how to keep a shrine)
Read a book with a god or goddess or a very powerful being.

6.Alchemy (transformation studies)
Read a book with a scientist or tagged historical.

7.Ceremonial Magic (the basics of ceremonial magic)
Read a book with a ceremony or ritual or with any letter from “magic” in the title.

8.Candles and Colour Magic (using candles and colour for magic, understanding colour)
Read a book with candles or your favourite colour on the cover.


Image by Egregore Design


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