Werewolf Frenzy 24 – 27 August

Werewolf Frenzy is a 4-day monthly readathon on My Vampire Book Obsession.

Target: 300 pages

Thursday: Sex Object 50pgs
Friday: Sex Object pg50 – pg130
Saturday: Sex Object pg130 – pg223
Sunday: zilch (2 hours of an audiobook)

Total Pages Read: 223

Wednesday night (the pregame): I have been in such a reading slump the past week I’m hoping this readathon will push be out of it. I’m setting my target kind of low (300 pages) because of the slump and I want to get some writing done over the weekend too. I would like to get at least one whole book read though. Lately, I have been binge watching loads of BookTube videos, I have so many to catch up it’s crazy. I took a bit of a break from it for about two months. I find it can get a bit repetitive, it seems everyone reads the same books and they’re mainly YA which is not my genre. I do love the reading vlogs and I want to try to imitate that style of video with this post. Anywho… it’s 11 pm now so I’m going to bed to read for about an hour I’ll be reading either The Essex Serpent or The Many Sins of Lord Cameron on audio. Both historicals but very different.

Thursday 11:40 am: Spent the morning sweeping, mopping, dusting and washing because my parents are visiting today. They’re only coming for lunch but the house must at least look respectable. Got some groceries for the tea, checked my Goodreads notifications and updated challenge links. No reading yet… I did read a bit last night but that doesn’t count towards the readathon. I read for about half an hour and then snooped on other readathons on Twitter. There’s an account called Readathon News run by Little Book Owl that lists all the readathons on during the year. So, I came across this one, Wonder Week, which begins during Werewolf Frenzy so I figured I might as well join in. This one is geared more towards book bloggers as opposed to vloggers and is based on a bingo sheet. I really love this format as it gives much more choice with books and since I’m a mood reader this really works for me. As Wonder Week is a week long readathon I’ll do a separate post about it. Anyway, my parents will be here in about an hour so I’m going to read for a bit.

7:40 pm: I have gotten absolutely zero reading done. I thought my parents were just staying for lunch but they stayed for lunch and dinner! I’m not complaining, it was lovely to have them especially since they are travelling for a month on Saturday. Also didn’t hurt that they gave me 6 bottles of wine when they arrived!! Instead of reading earlier I decided to de-spiderweb my garden furniture for some reason…. been feeling like I’m covered in bugs all day since.


Friday 9:35 am: Ok so I dropped The Essex Serpent. I read about 6 more pages last night and got so annoyed at the slow pace that I returned it to Borrow Box. I then procrastinated for awhile by filling a picnic basket with all my feminist books then chose one of them to read. So now I’m reading Sex Object by Jessica Valenti. I read 50 pages last night and it’s really good so far.

Sunday 10:17 pm: I got absolutely zero reading done today. Saturday I went into town for a few hours with my husband and then we watched a movie. I managed to get some reading in after that and finished Sex Object.

Today I listened to two hours of an audiobook and have been doing group stuff on Goodreads. We announced teams for our Vampire Wars challenge and there were lots of kinks to sort out. I was also taking photos for my Instagram and editing them which took awhile.

So I didn’t reach my goal (well I did if you count the audiobook) but I’m happy I managed to finish Sex Object. It was a really interesting book I’ll have a review of it in my wrap up for August.

I really enjoyed doing this kind of post, it’s a bit more fun and relaxed than reviewing. If you’d like to see more stuff like this let me know. I’d also love to read more posts like this so if you’ve written one please post a link below 🙂


2 thoughts on “Werewolf Frenzy 24 – 27 August

  1. I enjoyed the post format! Reviewing books is like riding a roller coaster. You spend hours waiting in line (reading) and then you have 5 minutes to ride (review) and it can leave the reviewer feeling a little disappointed. I like that you share the reading experience. I especially also appreciate how difficult it can be find time to read.
    Thank you for visiting my book blog yesterday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome! Thank you for visiting mine 🙂 And thanks for the feedback! I’m very picky with the books I like to review. I have to either have hated it or loved it to want to review it.


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