100 Romance Books You Must Read Before You Die

I came across this romance books website today, XOXO After Dark, and they have a very interesting list of 100 Romance Books You Must Read Before You Die. I’m very sad to say I’ve only read about 3 books from the list… my excuse is that I tend to read series… There are a good few books that are on my TBR mentioned though. It’s a sign I must read them soon!!

Anywho, check out the list and let me know how many books you’ve read from it.



5 thoughts on “100 Romance Books You Must Read Before You Die”

  1. I did worse than you…2! Both of them paranormal romance reads. Hmmm. Time to get some conventional romance reading done, I think! Also, some of those covers were epic!

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  2. I win – zero! I’ve read zero! Lol. Well technically I’m about 100 pages into Outlander but that’s it. Some of those covers were so outrageously awkward and cheesy! Lol. I was named after a romance novel so I’m a little ashamed that I’ve read none of them

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    1. That is quite the claim to fame!! You have to at least read the one you’re named after! Oh, the covers!! Thank god for ebooks or else I would be embarrassed to be seen with some of the books I read lol

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