Happy Birthday Will!!

Happy birthday Mr Shakespeare!

I haven’t really read that much Shakespeare. I recently read Macbeth and loved it. I read Romeo and Juliet in school and hated it. I also read Hamlet in school but can’t remember anything about it… I hated Romeo and Juliet because I thought they were both so stupid to go and kill themselves because they were in “love”!! Especially since Romeo was madly in “love” a few days beforehand with someone else. But I can admit I like the idea behind the story. I’d love some recommendations on which of his works you think I should try next.

I recently watched Anonymous (well I watched about half) which follows the theory that Shakespeare’s plays were actually written by Edward De Vere, Earl of Oxford. It portrayed Shakespeare as a kind of tricksy actor out for a quick buck. I wasn’t really impressed with it which is why I only watched half. Pretty good cast though.

Another terrible Shakespear movie is Shakespeare in Love. This one won Oscars. I lost all faith in the Oscars after that. (I don’t mean to poo poo it, if you really loved it, just ignore me. We all have unsavoury opinions) 

Since I enjoyed Macbeth so much I think I’ll watch the recent movie adaption to celebrate. It looks pretty dark and bloody….perfect for celebrating someone’s birthday!

What’s your favourite Shakespeare movie adaption? Have you read many of his plays?



12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Will!!”

  1. Haha that does sound good for celebrating someone’s birthday. Definitely agree with you about Shakespeare in love- i was just having the discussion with someone the other day about how this movie proves the Oscars make no sense. I’m not surprised by what you said about anonymous- personally i haven’t watched it cos i hate the premise (poor Catholic actor isn’t the real writer- it’s the posh guy with all the power- puh-lease!)

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  2. Thank you! Someone else who hates ‘Romeo and Juliet’ as much as I do! The older I get, the more I look at it and think “You’re just KIDS! You shouldn’t be thinking of each other in that way, let alone killing yourselves over one another!” I’m pretty sure Juliet’s supposed to be 14?

    I like some Shakespeare, but I’m not a massive fan. I enjoyed ‘Hamlet’, which we studied at A Level, and I thought the Kenneth Branagh adaptation was fantastic, albeit long.

    Also, I love that GIF!


    1. I love that GIF too, it’s just so silly! I’ll check out Kenneth Branagh’s adaption of Hamlet. I really remember nothing about it. I bet when I watch the movie I’ll be like “oh yeah, now I remember”.


  3. Haha! I can’t remember any of Hamlet either. We read it my senior year and I know nothing. I’ve not tried reading anything else but maybe I’ll give Macbeth a try!

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  4. I always loved Shakespeare, but R&J was one of my least favorites, for many of the same reasons. And I DETEST Shakespeare in Love! I thought it was drivel.
    But I love the dark stuff – MacBeth, Hamlet, Othello, etc. Favorite movie adaptation? I haven’t seen it yet, but I’d like to go ahead and say the new MacBeth…but maybe only because Fassbender’s in it and he’s one of my favorites. 😉

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    1. I love him too. His movies are usually really good. Still haven’t watched Macbeth. I’d watch it this weekend but I have the readathon….maybe next week.


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