Morning Coffee Chit Chat

“As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?”
Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

Good morning!

How are we all doing today? Morning Coffee is a new feature I’m working on. I’m not sure yet what I want it to be….. It’s kind of a chatty life update type of thing…

So, this morning I’m listening to Our Sexual History podcast from Our Sexual History is a really interesting podcast exploring the sexual history of Ireland hosted by Shawna Scott owner of She discusses topics such as Witches & Saints, History of Syphilis, and Sex Laws. Give it a listen, it’s great. I’m listening to the episode on Sex Laws this morning.

We’re on day 20 of this stupid bus strike. I haven’t been in town since then. I’m getting pretty sick of Wilton… I know I could get a taxi into town but that just seems wasteful when pretty much the same stuff is around here. I really miss Fitzgerald’s Park though and the English Market. We’ve had some nice weather and a trip to the park with a little bag of olives from the English Market would have been really nice. It’s shaping up to be a nice day today too. Time for another walk around the housing estate…


I’m totally stuck in a rut book wise. I want to read some urban fantasy but I don’t want to read a ‘catch the killer’ story. I’m kind of at a loss of what to read!!! Midnight’s Daughter is about Dorina searching for her missing roommate so I might read that. It’s next on my reread anyway. I’m also reading The Great Gatsby and listening to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I’m liking Stephen Fry’s narration but he’s not so good with female voices. That’s ok though, most male narrators aren’t. I think they always come off sounding like they’re whining…. The guy that narrated Christine Feehan’s Ghostwalker series had a really deep voice and each time he narrated one of the women it was so hard to listen to.

Himself has nerd club this evening so I’m going to watch TV! (I never watch TV) I’m going to watch a few episode of Miranda on Netflix. I discovered this show yesterday on Netflix (I’d heard of it before but never watched it), it is so funny!!! I love it!


So that’s it for my first Morning Coffee Chit Chat. I didn’t really have a plan for this post just that I wanted to have a little chat about what’s going on mostly with entertainment stuff.

Do you know any urban fantasy books that aren’t about catching a killer? Have you watched Miranda? What podcasts do you listen to?


4 thoughts on “Morning Coffee Chit Chat

  1. Day 20 of the bus strike!? That sounds horrendous. How do people get to work and school!? I hope the strike ends soon 😦

    I adore ‘Miranda’! I love the humour in it. There’s nothing subtle or dry about it. It’s just good old fashioned humour 😀 Also, really randomly, the guy who plays Gary is in Amazon Prime’s ‘Lucifer’. I watched a few episodes of it and couldn’t erase the image of him as Gary from my mind!

    That podcast sounds interesting. I might have to check it out sometime! I’m getting quite into podcasts at the moment. I find their good to listen to when you’re doing some mundane task, like housework. It makes it way more interesting! I’m currently listening to ‘Lore’. It’s about mythology and folklore tales. Very creepy, especially if you’re home alone!

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    1. That’s one of the reasons I love Miranda! I love how they do the ‘you have been watching’ thing at the end like old shows. I’ve heard of ‘Lore’ but haven’t listened yet. My husband keeps on to me to listen to ‘The Black Tapes’ which I did the other night and dreamt about ghosts! I haven’t listen to any more yet.

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      1. You’re making me want to rewatch the show now! I was so sad when the stopped doing new episodes. Miranda Hart is amazing, though. I’ve seen interviews with her and she’s just so effortlessly funny.
        Oo just looked and ‘The Black Tapes’ is on Spotify so I’ll be sure to have a listen 😀 Perhaps when I’m not home alone, though…


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