Dude, do you even BookBub?

BookBub is where I get most of my free and cheap books. All of the offers are organised by genre and you can set a preferred retailer so you only get offers from the people you buy from. You can set a list of favourite authors as well and they will notify whenever a book by them goes on sale. I love their daily offer emails, I’ve gotten so many ebooks through them. I know there are a few other sites for free books but this is my go to.


I really like the offers email from romance.io as well. Romance.io is an awesome site for romance readers. I love how they list topics for books. So when you’re searching you can include/exclude books that are YA or have a love triangle or have vampires. I almost always look up my next romance read on that site before reading.

Image result for romance.io

Have you used either of these sites? Where do you get free or cheap books? Do you find you buy more ebooks than paperbacks because of deals like these?

By the way, this not a promoted post. Neither of these sites are giving me money for this I just wanted to share them with you guys.


4 thoughts on “Dude, do you even BookBub?”

  1. I’d never bothered with BookBub because of my ever growing TBR pile but signed up and downloaded 6 books on a whim after reading this!
    Think I’m gradually coming to terms with the fact I’ll never actually read everything on my TBR..

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