My Reading Habits

How do you like to read? I like to curl up on the couch with a cushion, my favourite fluffy blanket, a glass of prosecco and a roaring fire. Although I do this sometimes, sadly it isn’t always the case. My liver may be thankful for that since I spend several hours each night reading.


So the reality is often different from the ideal. Most often I read on my tablet in bed from 11pm to around 1am. During this time the world is dark and quiet. Free of any interruptions. The sensory deprivation allows for a complete immersion into the world of the book. The hours pass in minutes and I float away. This is enjoyable, though, probably not so great for my eyes or my mind.

On weekday evenings I “watch TV” with my husband. Really I’m in the sitting room while he watches TV and I read. I find the TV really distracting (darn those bright colours and noises!!) so I like to pop on my headphone and listen to either Spotify or ambient sounds. Ambience is my favourite. You can create a mix to suit the environment of the book you’re reading. My go-to site is Ambient-Mixer they have an app as well but it’s difficult to create mixes on the app. My favourite one to listen to while reading is Belle’s Library. There’s a bunch of great mixes on youtube as well.

So what exactly do I read? If you watched my Bookshelf Tour you know I have a few paperbacks but I prefer to read ebooks. I’m really into series and just don’t have the space for all of those books. My library doesn’t stock most of the books I like to read either. Being honest, though, I prefer to buy. I love to reread books and I’m a mood reader. It’s great to have a few books waiting around for when the mood strikes. I will buy a paperback over an ebook if it’s overpriced. Anything over €6 and I get the paperback instead. I’m more inclined to buy a paperback of a stand-alone novel over a series book as well.


When it comes to graphic novels, which I don’t read very often, I prefer to buy the hard copy as well. I think they are works of art and should be enjoyed in their intended state.

How do you like to read? Do you use the library? Do you prefer ebooks or paperbacks? Let me know below. I’m off to read some more now!

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13 thoughts on “My Reading Habits”

  1. I used to live in a terrible, damp and cold flat BUT!! it had a wonderful, wide windowsill with views up to the surrounding mountains and lying on there reading a book with the occasional bottle of beer was bliss!

    Nowadays I like to curl up in the corner of my sofa, trying to ignore whatever my wife is watching – thanks for the Ambient tip and link BTW 🙂
    However most of the time my reading consists of waiting until about 1am for her to go to sleep after watching a DVD, grabbing my Kindle and desperately reading around our 1 year old who chooses that time to wake up enough to get in and fall asleep on my arm/shoulder/legs/face.

    Still love my reading time though!

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    1. That’s so cute, reading with your 1 year old sleeping on your arm. I would love one of those big alcove windows with a beautiful view for reading.

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  2. I prefer ebooks over physical copies, but I do read paperbacks every now and then. I like the physical books for my bookshelves 🙂 Great pic of you, by the way! So beautiful!! 😍

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      1. You’re welcome 😊 Oh, and I’m the same!! And sometimes if I have a physical copy of a book, I’ll still go ahead and buy the ebook to read it instead of reading the actual book I already own. Which sometimes I think is ridiculous, but it’s easier to read on my iPad most of the time.

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  3. Great post! There are so many people who wonder why I would buy an eBook when I could buy a Paperback (which is so much more fun because you can hold and smell a book?). But to be honest, I am okay with both. As long as a book is worth reading, it doesn’t matter ‘how’ I read it.

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