Harry Potter Read Along

Hi, guys!

I (like a lot of other people) love Harry Potter! It’s been long enough now since I read the books that a lot of the details are no longer fresh in my mind, some things from the movies have replaced my memories of the books as well. So I decided it’s time to do a reread of the entire series and this time include the other books set in the Potterverse as well (like Fantastic Beasts).

I would love to do a series read along with a few people for this. It’s just such a fun story (well, it get’s a bit darker later) and I would love to do chats and Q&A’s on each book. Talk about favourite scenes, characters and how they compare to the movies.

I haven’t decided on a platform yet, it depends on how much interest there is in doing the read along. It will most likely be on either Goodreads or Facebook and I will of course post here as well.

If you would like to join in please comment below and I will update soon with all the details for the read along.

Thanks for reading!



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