Vampire Slayer

This challenge is all about reading as many vampire books from different genres as possible. This challenge is hosted on Castle Dracula.

Read vampire books from any or all of the following genres.

You may read one or several books from whichever genre(s) you choose but every book must contain vampiresE.g. you could read 5 horror books, 2 fantasy books, 1 steampunk, and skip the rest or just choose one genre and read 10 books.

One year from your start date

Xander ~ 5-12 books
Giles ~ 13-24 books
Willow ~ 25-48 books
Buffy ~ 49-96 books

No minimum page count
Rereads welcome

☠ Horror
☠ Thriller
☠ High Fantasy
☠ Urban Fantasy
☠ Paranormal
☠ Supernatural
☠ Romance
☠ Mystery
☠ Humor
☠ Magic-Realism
☠ Non-Fiction
☠ Science-Fiction
☠ Steampunk
☠ Classic
☠ Retelling
☠ Historical
☠ Graphic Novel
☠ Indie
☠ Adult
☠ Children’s


Some lists to help you find books 
Best Adult Vampire Books
Best Teen Vampire Fiction
Vampires and Werewolves and Witches…Oh My!
Best Vampire Books from “New” Authors 
Best Horror Books of the 21st Century
Unusual, Alternative Vampires
Most Awesome Vampire Books
The Ultimate List of Vampire Books


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