July’s Reading List

July Reading List

Bit late with July’s reading list (I’ve been feeling lazy). Read a good bit of historical romance last month, which I normally wouldn’t read that much of. Unless there’s lots of vampires and werewolves of course….anyway here’s the list:

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I just realised I haven’t read anything by a male author… I’ll change that this month. Jim Butcher’s second Dresden Files book has been waiting for me to read it for a long time now.

I was introduced to the steampunk genre this month thanks to Vaginal Fantasy book club on Goodreads with Here There Be Monsters. It was awesome, I loved it, I will definitely be reading more by Meljean Brook and checking out more steampunk authors.

Read a good few Kresley Cole books, I really like her but I’ve noticed her books are a bit samey. Still really good but I think I need to wait a bit longer than a minute between books so I don’t get bored……bored is a bit too strong cause I still love them all! The highland romances were really good. I have a pirate book by her set aside now, I wasn’t going to read it but since I enjoyed The Iron Duke so much I said I’d give it a go.

As I mentioned in June’s list (and in the reviews) I am a big fan of Karen Chance. I’ve never rated anything by her less than 3/5…..actually I don’t think I’ve even rated less than 4/5. Masks was really good and a must read for Mircea fans. I’ve always leaned a bit more towards Pritkin but this has put the two men neck and neck again. The Dorina shorts I read at the start fo the month were just brilliant, especially In Vino Veritas, which has a good bit of Kit Marlowe in it.

I finally started Gena Showalter‘s Lords of the Underworld series last month as well. I love the mythology for the series, demons and gods aren’t topics I’ve read much of, and makes a nice change to vamps and werewolves.

This month I want to continue some of the series I’ve started this year and I’d like to read a few stand alones as well. I read an awful lot of series and I’d like to read something where you get the whole story in one go.

Happy Reading

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