Beauty and the Beast by Jax Lawrence

30985130Title: Beauty and the Beast
Author: Jax Lawrence
Genre: Erotica
Series: Sensual Fairy Tales #1
Goodreads Rating: 4.5/5
Why I read this: Read a good review, it’s short and I couldn’t sleep.
Every year the village sacrifices a maiden to the beast. The maiden disappears, and no one knows what happens to her.
Beautiful and passionate Belle couldn’t care less, she’s more interested in catching the eye of her father’s handsome stablehand. All her fears are realized when she’s kidnapped by the villagers and left, bleeding and naked, at the mercy of the beast.
Yet the Beast does not turn out to be what she expected. For one, he’s the sexiest thing she’s ever seen. For another, he’s not interested in killing her. He’s interested in something else, something she’s always fantasized about.
Is the the one who can break his spell? Can she sexually dominate him for three days?
This fast-paced erotica includes BDSM (with safe words), masturbation, and a beast. A very big beast.
What I thought about the book:
This was not so good…there was potential for a good story but it didn’t deliver.
There’s no real character development or description….Which is fine I guess… it’s very short and the whole point was for Belle and Beast to do the nasty (with whips).
There’s no real ending. I’m guessing it’s meant to be a cliffhanger but it seems to just end in the middle.
The whole thing was meh.
Favourite Character: n/a
My Rating:
1 paw
Smut 4

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