Candybook Land Reading Game

I love playing reading challenges and games (I’m not nerdy…). They’re great for tackling my to-read pile and for finding new books. I love ’em so much I decided to make my own board game (inspired by ones I’ve done but were missing bits). The board I’ve used is kind of long, depending on your reading speed, it will probably take a few months to complete.

Remember it’s just for fun!

Candy-Land-game-board numbered

The idea is pretty simple. You roll the dice, move to that space on the board, read a book specified by that place and roll again when you’ve finished the book. When playing with other people it’s best to set a day for rolling and an amount of time for reading.

Rules and Tasks

Click the link above to go to the game page for the full list of tasks and instructions.



3 thoughts on “Candybook Land Reading Game

  1. Argh love this idea! I have a college friend who lives quite far away now and we were talking about starting a tiny book club thing on FB to help us stay connected. This game might be perfect 😂

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