Dorina Basarab Shorts by Karen Chance Review

I read the two of these yesterday, they were really short, perfect for a single sitting. I’m in a bit of a reading funk at the moment, not really feeling like a whole novel. So I’m reading a few short stories and novellas. Luckily, I have loads thanks to all the series I’m reading.


Title: Zombie’s Bite
Author: Karen Chance
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Dorina Basarab #0.1
Goodreads Rating: 4.23/5
Synopsis: When Dorina Basarab, half human, half vampire, assassin-for-hire, hits New Orleans, she thinks it’s for a typical job: take out a mad master vamp before he can wreak havoc on the city. But when the elusive master suddenly shows up at her hotel, things get complicated, especially when Dory realizes that the murder he has in mind is his own! And that the Big Easy is about to get a whole lot harder.

What I thought about the book: I am a huge fan of this series so I loved this!! This is a prequel novella that can be read at any time during the series. On Chance’s website, it suggests there may be slight spoilers to Midnight’s Daughter but I didn’t notice any.

This story follows Dory and Kit Marlowe on an action-packed investigation through New Orleans.

My only problem is that reading this made me realise how much I miss all these characters. Two new Dory short stories were due to be released in May of this year but there’s no sign of them yet. Chance posted that she hopes to have them out soon but Goodreads has them listed as 2017.

My Rating:
4 paws
Title: In Vino Veritas
Author: Karen Chance
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Dorina Basarab #2.1
Goodreads Rating: 4.04/5
Synopsis: “In Vino Veritas” was Karen Chance’s contribution to the Chicks Kick Butt anthology (June 2011). It is now available on her website as a free short as per the contract with the publisher.
‘In wine, truth’ Dory partakes in a drinking game to try get Ray out of trouble.
What I thought about the book: This is a short story set between Death’s Mistress and Fury’s Kiss. Do not read out of sequence, there is definitely spoilers. The events in this are referenced in Fury’s Kiss but don’t majorly affect the plot.
I really enjoyed this story. It shows Dory at her best, kicking butt and having fun doing it (although she may not call it fun, it was fun to read).
My Rating:
5 paws
Both of these stories are available on the author’s website for free.

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